Preisker Gardens Standing Rules

Preisker Gardens Standing Rules

These rules are intended as reminders of policy and operating procedures voted by the Board of Directors of the Preisker Gardens Homeowners' Association. They are based on the bylaws and the CC&Rs of the Association, but they do not include all of the restrictions in our CC&Rs. Landlords are responsible for informing their tenants of these standing rules.

The Standing Rules can be changed by a vote of the Board of Directors at any of its monthly meetings. Your participation in these meetings is welcome. We want these rules to reflect the intent of the CC&Rs and the views of the residents.

·         PARKING: In consideration of current fire safety laws and our narrow streets, our CC&Rs do not allow parking on inner streets in front of houses except for brief loading and unloading of passengers or supplies or for clearly marked service vehicles to perform work at residences. All vehicles must be parked in garages, on driveways, or in the green curb zones on Meadowgate Drive and Channel Drive. Vehicles parked on green curb must be moved every 72 hours or homeowner may be fined and vehicle towed. If your vehicle is towed contact Central City Towing 805-925-6699.

·         TOW AWAY NO PARKING: All vehicles parked on the inner residential streets may be towed at any time without warning. This is a last resort for board. Board will issue warnings or citations depending on severity of parking rules being broken by homeowner or renter and or guests.                If you do not follow these rules, your lot could be fined.

·         MORE ON PARKING: You may not park your car in front of another resident's lot -- even if you have permission. Doing so could result in your lot being fined or your vehicle being towed by tow truck company. We have added this rule because some residents are parking multiple cars in front of other residents' properties. We get many complaints about those who park several cars on the street for long hours during the day. Please be considerate of your neighbors and keep our community looking neat. Parking is never allowed on lawns, even if you are washing your car.       If you do not follow these rules, your lot could be fined.

·         GREEN CURB ZONE: Parking is allowed on Meadowgate Drive and Channel Drive in the areas where the curbs are painted green. This parking area is not for abandoned vehicles or vehicles you don't use. All vehicles parked at the green curbs must be moved periodically -- at least once every 72 hours. If you do not follow these rules, your lot could be fined.

·         SPEED LIMIT: The 15 mph speed limit is imposed for the safety of all of us. Our streets are narrow; we have no sidewalks; and children are often playing.

·         DOGS AND CATS: Our CC&Rs allow two domestic pets per household. And they state that "no dogs whose consistent barking disturbs other owners shall be allowed to remain on the property." Dogs are not to be allowed to run free. Walk them on a leash, and be prepared to clean up after them. And please, if you have cats that you let outside, provide a litter box for them.

·         TRASH CANS: Trash cans may be put out no sooner than the evening before collection and must be taken in the day of collection. Trash cans must be stored out of public view -- behind a fence or in the garage.

·         FENCES AND WALLS: To prevent injuries, parents and other responsible parties should tell their children not to climb the fences around the clubhouse and pool and not to climb the perimeter walls.

·         NO NUISANCE: Our CC&Rs prohibit nuisances, which are defined as any activity which may become an annoyance to and interfere with the quiet enjoyment of any other resident.

·         TREES: Back yard trees that are so large that they cast shade or drop leaves in a neighbor's yard should be trimmed or removed.

·         LAWNS: You are expected to keep your lawns watered and green. Please keep weeds down and shrubs in trim so that your yard and our community look appealing. It is your responsibility to keep your fence line and property line free of weeds.

·         ARCHITECTURAL COMMITTEE: Any improvements that you plan to make to your house or yard, front or back, must be approved by our Architectural Committee or the Board of Directors before you begin your project. These changes include, but are not limited to, paint color, style and location of fences, additions of windows, patios and patio covers, additional rooms, tool sheds, and yard improvements.

You must submit the following:

If you do not follow these rules, you might be required to tear down your improvements at your own expense.

·         PAINTING YOUR HOUSE: You are allowed to paint your house in earth tones only. We have samples of colors that you can pick from. The trim of your house and the fences must always be painted dark brown. You must get the approval of the Architectural Committee before you start painting. If you decide to by-pass the Architectural Committee, you are at risk of having to repaint your house to the standards of our CC&Rs. Repainting will be at your expense. Get approval first, and avoid a costly mistake.

·         POOL AND CLUBHOUSE: You must be current in your dues (or have made an arrangement with the Board to become current) to be eligible to use the pool and the clubhouse.

·         POOL: The pool is heated from Spring to about the end of October. Hours are from 9 AM to 10 PM. No one under 21 years of age may be in the pool unless accompanied by an adult. No more than 20 people are allowed in the pool. Each residence may bring no more than two visitors that are non-residents of Preisker Gardens while using the pool and spa. Pool parties are not allowed at any time. Check signs at the pool for other restrictions. Please wear swim attire. This means no T-shirts or shorts or pants in the pool or spa. Your lot could be fined for not following the pool rules and/or your pool key could be taken away.

·         SPA: The hours for the spa are the same as for the pool. No more than 5 people are allowed in the spa at one time. No children under 5 are allowed in the spa. Children from 5 to 12 years old must be supervised by someone at least 16 years old.

·         CLUBHOUSE: The clubhouse is available for use by all residents. A $150.00 deposit is required. $50.00 is a cleaning deposit, and $100.00 is for vandalism and destruction of property. Make deposit checks payable to Preisker Gardens HOA. If you leave the clubhouse in the condition in which you found it, your check will not be cashed. You must make a reservation by filling out a use agreement and submitting your check before the clubhouse is officially reserved for your use. If you leave the clubhouse in such a condition as to require us to hire a cleaning service, or if any of our property is destroyed, you will forfeit your deposit. You are responsible for the clubhouse once the doors are unlocked for you. Plan to have someone there at all times until you lock up.

·         HOLIDAY LIGHTING: Holiday lighting can go up on your house the week of Thanksgiving and must come down by January 31.

·         PORTABLE BASKETBALL HOOPS: These may be put out at the gutter while you play. They are not to block the right-of-way of vehicles. When you are through playing, you must bring the the portable basketball stand up to the side of your house, or put it in the back yard so that it is out of sight. If you do not follow these rules, your lot will be fined.

·         BUSINESSES: Preisker Gardens is zoned for single family residences and should be used as such. Residences are not to be used as places of business.

·         AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR: You are allowed to make repairs to your vehicles inside your garage with the garage door closed so that your activity cannot be seen from the street. Automotive fluids cannot be changed in this development. These are hazardous materials and cannot go down our streets and pollute our environment.   


·         PENALTIES FOR VIOLATIONS: The Board of Directors is empowered to impose a fine based on the adopted penalty schedule on owners who violate any of the Standing Rules or any of the restrictions in our CC&Rs. Owners will be notified of the violations and given the opportunity to correct them before any fine is imposed. Owners are responsible for violations by tenants. The fine will fall on the owner, not the tenant.

Preisker Gardens HOA Board has adopted the following


1st Violation...................Written Warning and Fine if not corrected
2nd Violation (same offense).........................................$50 to $200
3rd Violation (same offense)........................................$100 to $300
Additional Violations (same offense)...............................up to $400
Safety Violation.......................................warning or fine up to $500
Continuing Violation..........................Can be daily fines until cured
Suspension.........common area privileges may also be suspended
Assessment.................may be levied to reimburse HOA expenses

·         LATE PAYMENTS: The Board of Directors is empowered to impose a $10.00 fine for each month a payment of the monthly dues is made after the 15th of the month. If you fall seriously behind in your payments, the Association will file a lien against your house. This means that we will have to use the services of our attorney. You will also be responsible for the attorney's fees. If you do fall behind in your payments, please let the Board know your intentions. We want to make every effort to allow you to become current on your dues before we have to involve our attorney. Please be aware that if you contact our attorney, you are responsible for any consulting fees involved.

·         BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Any owner may run for a position on the Board of Directors. To vote in the annual election or to hold office, Association dues must be paid to date. A commitment to make the meetings is needed.

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